Past Events


Series of discussion evenings “Reading in Times of Caring” (February – May)

Since ancient times, stories have been associated with care and healing, and literature has been seen as a powerful social tool of connection. Even in times of social distance, stories (literary and otherwise) bear witness to this power.

In this series of six discussion evenings, experts from the worlds of care and literature have explored ways in which the two disciplines can find and strengthen each other. What is the place of reading and reading aloud in nursing education? What are the implications of a deep engagement with care for the study of literature and other human sciences? Can such an exchange also deepen our experience of literature and art? Or can telling stories and reading a novel or a poem actually be harmful? What role can literature play in inclusive and multicultural care contexts?

These and many other questions guided the overarching narrative that Zoë Ghyselinck and Jürgen Pieters wanted to bring to the series ‘Reading in times of caring’. Together with their guests, Ghyselinck and Pieters spoke about issues that affect us all: feelings and practices of mourning, coping with old age, the comfort of reading, contact with people from other cultures, the identity of the outsider.

You can watch the whole series at this link.



International Francqui Chair Prof. Arthur Frank



Series of discussion evenings “Reading in Times of Vulnerability” (February – May)

In the spring of 2023, we went through the exercise again and engaged in a conversation with artists, carers and audience members about what it means to be vulnerable today – negatively and positively. About the limits of vulnerability and the power of vulnerability. About the unifying role that art and culture can play. About the support that community can offer the individual.

You can wath the whole series at this link.



Perspectives on Arts & Health, Thursday September 28. Museum dr. Guislain


Webinar Series


Summer School: Cross-Cultural Explorations into the Role of Fate, Destiny and Predestination as Agents of Spiritual and Psychological Well-Being”, 16-18 September 2024

Venue: Museum dr. Guislain (Ghent)



CHARM Kick-Off Event: The Difference We Make (19-20 September 2024)

Venue: Museum dr. Guislain (Ghent)